Diamond Bones Indiegogo Campaign

We recently shot a campaign video for our friends, Diamond Bones. If you haven't heard of them before, they you're truly missing out. In the past year that they've been together, they already made Cult Montreal's list of top 5 musical acts of 2013 and have plans of recording their first full length album, which is what their Indiegogo campaign is all about. The band is looking to raise a modest $8,500 and you can find their campaign page here: Diamond Bones Indiegogo

If you want to check out what they sound like, the group has a Bandcamp page where you can stream or download their single "Home is Where", 
Diamond Bones Bandcamp

Lastly, they also have a Facebook page where you can "Like" them and stay up to date on all their upcoming shows and happenings, Diamond Bones Facebook Page